Let there be rain

Hurricane Irene brought with it an end to the blistering heat Atlanta has showered upon me this past summer. My drive home from work now takes 1hr and half and I can nolonger sit back in my driver’s chair in fear of Atlanta’s crazy drivers, but who cares? Fall is almost here! Bring out the rain boots! Most people find rainy weather nasty and often times gloomy but that’s what makes fall my favorite season. The sun can no longer turn me into 10 shades of brown and my hair can remain one color for a change. What’s not to love about fall? You can go grocery shopping in your pjs, covering your atrocious morning looks with a hat, coat and fabulous boots. If you’re lucky enough to work in an office as cold as the North Pole like I do, you never have to take your coat off and the world will never know that perhaps you didn’t feel like taking off your pyjamas that morning. In every woman, lies a man whose existence is shown more in some than others. If you’re like me, your inner man shows himself at night when its time for bed. I sleep in basketball shorts, a big white T-shirt, and thick socks. Just like that, I lay in bed like a fetus, with one pillow (after having tossed the other 3 to the floor). A friend told me today, “Don’t live for tomorrow, enjoy every minute of today”. Laying in bed in a very unfashionable ensemble, with a cup of hot chocolate, I am grateful for one more day.

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