I spent the half my evening searching for furniture all over town, and the other half looking for KFC, which is slowly becoming my favorite fast food restaurant. Before dining at KFC for the fourth time this week, I went to an Empowerment Expo to support black women in history wearing my new favorite new handbag. I found it at a vintage store a month ago. It sort of reminds me of a Chanel bag, without the zeros in the price tag. After three years of cutting my hair myself, I picked up my scissors again today and cut a few inches off. This 60's hair style is inspired by Brian Jones (Rolling Stones); slightly longer than my last short hair style.

 Bag/Jennifer Moore, Pants/She Said, Sweater/Ralph Lauren, Shoes/Bakers, Blazer/Ralph Lauren, Watch/Michael Kors


  1. when i want to feel the good life, i go vintage ............ its an experience i wish every one to have , a mixture of funk and glamour......... like a child's first day to the circus ......... lots of things to look at , memories long buried in fashions history........ archives and archive of cherished memories.......... style is classic, style is brave, style is living,living is style ........... style is most def from a creative minds like yours ......

  2. I'm loving the look and you have a great sense of style.


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