Hot or Hungry

Today I decided to start a weekly fashion segment called Hot or Hungry. First victim? Victoria Beckham.

Earlier this week, the fashion diva was spotted at the Women's Wear Daily Apparel & Retail Summit in New York. She has made few public appearances since she gave birth to her daughter over the summer. Wearing her own design and Christian Louboutin heels, I must say she looked rather hungry for a woman who gave birth months ago. I understand when people like Jennifer Hudson shed pounds through Jenny Craig and still maintain a 'healthy look' after childbirth. That inspires real women who can't really relate to the stick thin celebs they see in magazines. I'm not exactly curvy myself but people who know me know I eat A LOT and I've been this size my whole life (probably will change after a few babies). I love Victoria's fashion style (most times) but it hurts me to see women who recently gave birth being idolized for dropping down to a size 0 in a matter of months. In the photo below, her thigh is about the size of my arm. I'm no doctor but its a well known fact that eating healthy during and after pregnancy is crucial for the health of the baby as well as breast feeding. Women throughout the world need to look beyond the pressures of the media to drop major pounds after childbirth. Its perfectly ok to want to slim down after giving birth as long as its done the healthy way... and ofcourse.. as long as you don't look like a hungry ostrich like missy here.

Victoria Beckham WWD Apparel …

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  1. Mos Def Hungry, she needs a little bit of meat; i Doubt Mr Beckham is enjoying this.

  2. I think you're right!

    I heard that celebrities often get cesarean's and weight loss surgery at the same time so that they can quickly get back to their slim shape. Not sure if it's true but if so, that explains a lot!


  3. I totally agree with you! Victoria Beckham is not a common woman....I think she's not a good example so I try not to give importance of what she does and I will never write a post about her!



  4. I agree with you, she could do with a bit more meat on her bones!



  5. On her defense, she has always been on the skinny side...this is definitely hungry tho :)


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