New York Fashion Week disasters

Over the years, Lil' Kim has gone from looking like this
 to this

She was spotted at The Blonds Fall 2012 fashion show in her hometown, New York, during fashion week looking like a chicken with botox. The nude top looked too busy, the belt too wide for her waist, and those hair extensions should be set on fire.

When your career goes sour, 'go naked'. At least that’s the message Ashanti appears to be sending in this sheer dress at the Falguni & Shane Peacock Fall 2012 fashion show. Some looks, like this "I'm naked! Look at me!" dress should be left on the runway.


  1. LOL!!!! Completely agree with you :)


  2. lol...very correct. im kinda sorry for lil

  3. Gotta be more em sorry for her cuz I don't knw what she was thinkin././. Wonder how she feel when she look at herself in the mirror


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