Vogue - March Issue

Adele will be gracing the cover of American Vogue's March 2012 issue. The world renowned magazine celebrates 120 years in fashion this year and 2012 March issue features none other than six-time Grammy winner, Adele on its cover. The stunning twenty-three year old singer won the Grammy for 'Album of the year' among five others for her hit singles that top the Billboard Hot 100 today. This is a special issue for Vogue because the publication has come a long way from featuring very thin models, to an era when Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour started the movement of featuring celebrities on magazine covers. Today, one of the world's most prominent fashion magazine features a young musician who doesn't wear a size 2 or 0. It appears Adele has the last laugh since Karl Lagerfeld recently criticized her size, calling her 'too fat'. The gorgeous songstress is relatively new to the music industry, and has only begun conquering it. Check out Vogue.com for Behind the Scenes footage of her Vogue shoot!

Photos -  Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott


  1. Adele is my favourite singer and role model, and here she is looking so fab so classic so elegant! She has never look so fine, I guess Vogue clearly sets the right time to publish these right just after her Grammy win(s)!


  2. I love these photos of Adele, she looks so classy and beautiful! lovely blog! x


  3. I'm soo loving Adele. I almost wana hug the idiot that broke her heart. Nice blog too. Thanks for stopping by mine. Now following yours

  4. Her Vogue pictures are so amazing! She looks stunning.
    Following you now :)



  5. So happy for her come back... She's amazing

  6. I so love Adele... <3 She's so awesome in all ways and I hate it that it's so big thing that shes not as thin as many others - I think she looks gorgeous the way she is- , it's so stupid thing to even think about!

    Thanks for posting this, have to take a better look at that issue... :)


  7. Amazing Adele! Thanks for your comment :)


  8. She is just fab!



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