Atlanta trend setters

Meet Vieng Nhotsombath. This Art Institute of Atlanta student and aspiring fashion designer knows fashion and isn't afraid to express her personal style. At SBC, we make it a point to highlight Atlanta's hidden gems like Vieng, whose effortless style deserves recognition. 

SBC: How would you describe your personal style?

Vieng Nhotsombath: I would say that my style is versatile. It can be simple, creative, street style mixed in with some simplicity or chic. I like to use certain pieces and mesh them together even when they seem like it would be a bad idea to do. My main fashion inspiration would be the posh Victoria Beckham, all her looks are very contemporary and poised. Also Kourtney Kardashian has a favorite style of mine. It's bold but not too out there. But I also get inspiration from the street styles, as well as my surroundings

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