Fashion dinners to celebrate fashion week

Thanks to Donald Taylor, we got to preview my latest project with Style By Cesca which was produced by Tayvo Designs. Click here to watch a clip from the Style By Cesca Model Workshop

Catching up with Film maker, Gracelain Booker
I recently cut my permed hair off and went natural. Hope you like ;)

Dress - David Warren, Jewelry - My sister's closet - No, really, I stole my sister's jewelry before heading to dinner. What is family for if not to borrow from thy neighbor right? ;)

These beautiful people are supporters of SBC and the gentleman on the far right produced, wrote and directed the Nigerian short film, The Promise. The film is listed as a finalist for Afrinolly Short Film Competition. Watch and vote for the film here

Make up artists, Courtney Wesley and Kim Kelley. Love these two ladies! They are both incredibly talented.
This fabulous young lady is the fashion genius behind Orchids and Spice and the gorgeous necklace she has one is from her fashion label. See more of their designs here.

More about Atlanta Fashion House on my next post ;)

Photography by Tia Jones. Check out her amazing work and follow her on Facebook

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